Tuesday’s Tool Tip – Cordless Tool Storage Ideas

I have a few Cordless Power Tools and they work Great.

And yet, when not in use where do I store them?  First they are here, then they are there, and they don’t seem to have a permanent home in my Garage/Shop.

Today’s Tool Tip will help give your tools a home – Cordless Tool Storage Ideas!

I don’t have any plans for these two ideas, but you can look at the images below and make them to fit your needs.

I have two Ideas for you to look at today and I think the first one is the easiest to make but it does not have a place for your battery charger(s) like the second one does.

DIY Cordless Power Tool Storage Idea using PVC Pipe

DIY Cordless Power Tool Storage Idea using PVC Pipe


So, get some PVC Pipe that is slightly bigger on the inside than the outside of your tools.  Then find a scrap piece of 1×6 or 2×4 and you are good!

The next one will take more time, material and know how to make, and it has storage along with a place for your battery charger(s).

Cordless power tool charging station

Cordless Power Tool Storage and Charging Station


Take these ideas and make them your own!  Change them, modify them and make them work for you!

That is making the world accessible!  It doesn’t matter if you are able bodied or not if you take something and make it better, you are making the world more accessible!

Please let me know if you have any comments or questions!




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