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The Goods!

We have The Goods to help you adapt to life's changes

On the Go

Products and tools to help keep you active and on the go!

Around the House

These devices will make it easier to accomplish daily tasks around the house!


Permanent and Portable Ramps to help walkers and wheelchairs get in and out!

Hard to Find Items

Tools, Gadgets and Clothes that are hard to find!

Why Us?

We know why and how Adaptive Life Products should work!
We have been using Adaptive Life Products ourselves for 25 Years!

When you have a Spinal Cord Injury in your early 20s you begin to see life differently. From your wheelchair you see that the world is not smooth or flat, that everything is a lot taller, and some people see your chair and not you. Yet there is also much that is good! You are still alive and there are many tools to help you Adapt to a Life that has changed. Travis has been using a wheelchair to get around since 1990 and Christina has been there to push him since 1991. We have a working knowledge of what adaptive equipment, products, tools, devices and gadgets really work, so we wanted to create a place where anyone can come to find something to make their own life easier. We can help you find the right Adaptive Life Product for the job!

  • Our Experience

    We have real world experience with the products we list here!

  • Our Knowledge

    We know what works well for us and how it can work for you!


We are real people working for you!
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