Tuesday Tool Tip – Hard Drive Magnets

Did you know the hard drive in your computer has magnets? Not the new Solid State Drives (SSD) but nearly all of the others do. And these magnets are very powerful. So strong in fact if you stick two of them together you cannot just pull them apart, you have to slide them to seperate them.

So that old computer that died last year, or that old computer that is sitting around just taking up space because it is old and slow, well…it’s hard drive has magnets that can be put to use around the house or in the garage or in the shop.

As you can see here I attached them to the shelf above my workbench. Most of them have holes in them, but if not you can, carefully, break the glue that holds them onto the metal and put them to use in other places.

Any screws will work to attach them to the shelf as long as they fit. 😉





And in this picture I have tools hanging on them. There are usually two magnets in each hard drive and I had six for a total of twelve magnets.

I really like using them here so I have more storage of odds and ends that are easy to find.

Let me know what you think. Have you used hard drive magnets? How did you use them?

Contact me here if you have any questions!


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