Tuesday Tool Tip – Best Shop Broom

My shop, like many, is my garage. I have all my tools, seasonal storage (Halloween and Christmas decorations), and other odds and ends stored or laying about.

Even without working in my shop there is lots of dust. I try to minimize my sawdust by connecting the shop-vac to the dust port on the bigger tools (chop saw, table saw and some sanders), or rolling the tools out into the driveway. But there is still dust, dirt, wood shavings, and other things that need to be swept up.

So when that time comes…I love my shop broom, but it isn’t what you might think! It is electric, has a cord, and kinda noisy, but I love it!

And here it is:

Homelite electric 2 speed leaf blower
2 speed electric leaf blower

I run it on the low speed to clean off my workbench or the top of tables, then turn it on high for the floor and walls.

I have a spot outside in the grass where I blow everything to then pick it up from there.

I like my Homelite Tools (I have had them for over 6 years), so here is a link to the newer model: Homelite 150 mph 233 CFM 7 Amp Electric Blower/Sweeper

Yet any electric blower whether it is a plug in or battery will work just as well!

I recommend you DO NOT use a gas powered blower! The gas and exhaust fumes are dangerous in enclosed spaces and should only be used outdoors!

Let me know if you have any questions!


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