Tuesday’s Tool Tip – Grab Bars Part 1

Grab BarsGrab bars come in many shapes and sizes to help make your life safer.  They are not only for people with disabilities, they can help everyone with accessibility!

This will be a two part article:

  • Part 1 – Grab Bars Selection
  • Part 2 – How to install them

So, to get started…How do we choose a grab bar?

To answer that question we need to ask a few more questions…

  1. Where is the grab bar going to be used?
    1. At the entry to the tub or shower
    2. In the shower or tub
    3. Near the toilet
    4. Other place(s)
      1. Kitchen
      2. Garage
      3. Patio
      4. Bedroom
  2. Who is going to be using them?
    1. Can they stand
    2. Can they walk
    3. Do they use a wheelchair
    4. Do they lack grip strength
  3. Is the grab bar permanent?
    1. There are options for suction cup grab bars
  4. What is the finish of the wall or room where the bars will be installed
    1. you can get Grab Bars in Stainless Steel, White, Gold, Brass, Venetian Bronze and more

These are very important questions to answer and think about when choosing.  Not only for their look, but their use and your safety.

Now that you have addressed the questions you have a lot of options!

I find that the best thing to do now is Image Search with Google, Bing or Yahoo.  Be specific if you know your application.  You can see how other people have used them and get some great ideas.

In the next article I will talk about how to install them and the official ADA rules.

Please let me know if you have any questions or comments by Contacting Me Here!





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