Tuesday’s Tool Tip – Hot Glue Gun Holder

If your family is like mine we all like Do It Yourself (DIY) Projects and Arts and Crafts.

One of the tools we use is a Hot Glue Gun. Yet when it is hot where do you set it down?

Today’s Tool Tip will help you with this problem!

Hot Glue Gun Holder / Stand

The pictures below are great starting points for you to build your own stand. Look at them and create a holder that is customized the way you want.

glue gun stand or holder 1
glue gun holder or stand 2 glue gun stand 3glue gun stand 4


As you may have noticed the stands use a piece of ceramic tile under the tip of the glue gun for easy clean-ups.  If you need one you can find it at your local building supply store or see if you have a used building supply store near you.

Some of them have storage for your glue sticks and some don’t, so if you measure the sticks you typically use you can add one or have a separate solution.

Looking at something and making your own version is at the heart of the DIY and crafts trend today, so be creative and make something beautiful and useful!

Let me know if you have any questions or comments!


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