Wheelchair Weather Chaps – Review

Wheelchair All Weather Chaps

Wheelchair All Weather Chaps

I have been out in all kinds of weather and there hasn’t been a practical way to keep my legs dry, clean and warm until now.

The Wheelchair Weather Chaps are great anytime of the year with their removable fleece lining.

Check out the Description:

The Wheelchair Weather Chaps keep you drier than a poncho because they fit snugly around your lower body, instead of draping over it. Slip your feet into the bottom pocket, then pull it over your legs and lap for waterproof protection. The bottom is contoured so nothing gets caught in your wheels. You do not need to leave your seat to put them on. Removable fleece lining provides extra warmth, great for ball games and getting around!

Three sizes are available: Pediatric size for children and small adults, Adult size, and Extra wide. Pediatric size measures 31 inches long, 26 inches wide at top, and the bottom pocket measures 12 inches wide, 14 inches tall, and 7 inches deep. Adult size measures 46 inches long, 28 inches wide at the top, and the bottom pocket measures 12 inches wide, 16 inches tall and 8 inches deep. The top secures with a 1 inch wide webbing strap. A half inch wide velcro(R) strap is attached about 4 inches above the bottom pocket to secure the wrap behind the lower legs.

Wheelchair Weather Chaps Specifications:

  • 3 sizes: Pediatric, Adult, Extra Wide.
  • Material: waterproof with removable fleece lining.
  • Includes: One pair Weather Chaps.



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