Seat Cushions – Review

sitting and standingEveryone sits down from time to time.  And some of us who cannot stand…we sit a lot!

As our civilization has moved from hunter-gatherers to specialized workers we are sitting more instead of physical labor.  The Technology Era we are in has required us to sit at our desks to work on the computer or tablet or phone. We are also driving more places and spending longer times sitting in the car.

So, now that we are sitting down, our behinds are needing more cushion to support them. To keep our muscles healthy we wiggle and move as we are sitting, but can we do more?

The answer is Yes!  We can sit on a Seat Cushion that was made to support our tushies!

But these cushions are not just for wheelchair users anymore! You can put them in your office chair, recliner, car or truck, or anywhere else you spend time sitting!

All of the images below are clickable and they will take you to Amazon so you can look at them in more detail.

I will talk about three kinds of cushions today: Foam, Gel and Air.

Foam Cushions:

Foam cushions used to be basic, like the foam already in our chairs and car seats, but now we have memory foam.  It conforms to your shape and will support you more.  They come in different shapes too (see image below).  Some people don’t like them because they tend to hold the heat and moisture in so you get hot and sweat more with them.

Gel Cushions:

Gel Seating Cushions are typically made from a combination of foam and gel. I find that they support fairly well, and some people like them best! They also come in different shapes, and can be make custom for your bottom.

Air Cushions:

I personally use an air cushion from Roho (see picture below).  It’s also called a dry flotation cushion because you are floating on a cushion of air in individual pockets that adjust as you do. I have used one for over 20 years and I never leave home without one!

In conclusion, no matter what your occupation you still need to sit, and seat cushions will help you stay healthy and happy!

Let me know if you have any questions or comments!


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