Handyman DIY – Clean Your Central Air Condenser

Its that time of year again!  It’s almost time to turn on the Air Conditioner.

If you have a Central Air Heater and Air Conditioner then you should think about cleaning the condenser yourself to save some money.  There are parts of the system that you should NOT do yourself, but cleaning the condenser is not that hard.

This is a re-post – read the full article here: The Family Handyman

Handyman DIY – Clean Your Central Air Condenser


clean your condenser step 1Photo 1: Turn off the power

Turn off the electrical power to the condenser unit at the outdoor shutoff. Either pull out a block or move a switch to the off position. If uncertain, turn off the power to the AC at the main electrical panel.

DO NOT work on the condenser without doing this step!



clean your condenser step2Photo 2: Vacuum away debris

Vacuum grass clippings, leaves and other debris from the exterior fins with a soft brush attachment. Clear away all bushes, weeds and grass within 2 ft. of the condenser.


clean your condenser step3Photo 3: Straighten fins

Realign bent or crushed fins with gentle pressure from a dinner knife. Don’t insert the knife more than 1/2 in.


clean your condenser step4Photo 4: Remove the fan

Unscrew the top grille. Lift out the fan and carefully set it aside without stressing the electrical wires. Pull out any leaves and wipe the interior surfaces clean with a damp cloth.


clean your condenser step 5Photo 5: Clean the fins

Spray the fins using moderate water pressure from a hose nozzle. Direct the spray from the inside out. You can also use your leaf blower (I do). Reinstall the fan and reconnect or turn on power.

This process will allow your condenser to work better by allowing the air flow to move through the fins of the condenser.  The condenser is similar to the radiator in your car and need the air flow to help keep it cool.

This is a re-post – read the full article here: The Family Handyman

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