DIY Pallet Furniture – Veggie Shelf

veggie-shelf-05I made a DIY Pallet Veggie Rack/Shelf for storing onions and potatoes.

Here are the steps I used (pictures are at the bottom of the page):

Step 1:

I cut apart a pallet with my sazall (reciprocating saw) and chose the best of the boards (the straightest and least damaged).

Step 2:

Then I measured the space where the shelf was going to go and found it needed to be 20″ wide and 32″ tall.

Step 3:

I chose the thickest boards for the bottom and thinner boards for the sides of the box.  I also chose two 2x4s for the legs and feet.

Step 4:

I measured and cut all the pieces with my chop-saw

Step 5:

I sanded all of the pieces with my belt sander and palm sander to take the rough edges off to reduce the chance of getting splinters.  I left it looking rough which is to say “Rustic” though.

Step 6:

I assembled the boxes with my air finish nailer, but you can use screws too if you would like

Step 7:

I cut the angle on the top of the legs and attached the legs to the boxes (again with my air finish nailer)

Step 8:

Put the shelf in place in the kitchen to make sure of fit

Step 9:

Add Veggies and Enjoy!

Here are the Pictures:

All of the boards cut and laid out:


My Flat Tire along with the first assembled box:


A close up of the first assembled box:


The assembled stand in place to check the size:



This was a fun project to create and it will be useful!

I could have added a third shelf, but I left it off so that things can be stored on the floor under it.

Please let me know if you have any questions or comments about this project!



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