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DIY - Easy Air Filter

DIY – Easy Air Filter

Easy DIY Air Filter:



  • Unpack all items
  • Place Furnace Filter on Intake side of box fan
  • Attach Bungee Cord to hold Filter in place
  • Change Filter when it becomes dirty

Suggestions / Variations:

  • You can use this set up in the garage to reduce sawdust or other particles in the air
  • Place this Filter near when you are dusting to help pick up the airborne dust
  • Place this in your kid’s room with a calming Essential Oil
  • Add Arborvitae or Pine Essential Oil to the Filter to make your house smell like the inside of a Cedar Chest
  • Add Eucalyptus Essential Oil to have your house smell clean
  • Add Lavender Essential Oil for a calming, peaceful feeling
  • Add your favorite Essential Oils to enhance moods and feel better

I have successfully used this in my house, and we sleep with a fan on at night so it is a great way to reduce the dust and pollen.

You can purchase all of the parts for this Do It Yourself Air Filter locally or you can click on the links above and buy them at Amazon.com.

Please let me know if you have any questions or comments!

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